Bf4 user cfg tweaks for windows

Bf3 settingsconfiguration tweaking rules, faq, tutorials. After updates for bf4 rolled out on 225, more users are reporting errors, bugs, lag and game freezing. Battlefield 1 pc tweaks guide fps increase, config file. This file contains settings that bf4 checks before launching a game.

Battlefield 4 tweaks guide how to improve graphics and. Screen shot saved in my documents\battlefield 4\screenshots\ custom user. Here is it, if you want to add something to this guide then pm m. Share your bf4 settings andor performance tips guru3d forums. Aug 11, 2016 call your text file g and for save as type you should choose all files. A custom g file can be created and the file added to bf4s game directory with any of the console commands. Check use software rendering instead of gpu rendering. From now on the commands in the g will be loaded with each start of battlefield 4, which means you never have to write them into the console again. Jan 25, 2014 this will be a short collection of tweaks guides on how to configurate bf3 to get decent fps and minimal inputlag. Battlefield 4 pcgamingwiki pcgw bugs, fixes, crashes, mods. How to load bf 4 console commands on startup with a config.

Antialiasingdeferred 1 running msaa over fxaa uses more gpu then fxaa and takes load of cpu gstrender. Dofmethod 0 deaktiviert ambient occlusion umgebungssicht postprocess. Esl battlefield 4 serverconfigs this file contains all serverconfigs for all modes in battlefield 4. Its basically a text file notepad file where you can enter your custom cvars so that they are activated whenever you launch the game. I have a windows pc dualboot with gnulinux that i built in 2010. In the terms and conditions tos for bf4 the following is mentioned, and i quote two specific clauses from section 11. Only a few now, but a lot more to come in this area. Last thing you need to do is clicking on the save button. Battlefield 4 crashes and low performance on windows 10. Maxvariablefps is capped at 70 fps in user config above. Toggle dx12 on or off windows 10 only, you might see huge gains either way depending on drivers and. Create a g then edit with notepad config file in the battlefield 4 folder and then paste this within the file. Copy file g to the installation directory of the program that is requesting g. Bf4 fixes to help performance and console commands.

The tweakbit driver updater is approved by microsoft and norton antivirus. Note need to do with game itself shut down, not running. Save this file and place it in your main \program files x86\origin games\battlefield 3\ directory. This registry helps fix problems with launching, installing or updating battlefield 4. How to tweak graphics for more fps battlefield 4 fps guide. Ive been tweaking my game with your tools since the launch and finally could solve. Dice releases bf4 update for pc tons of fixes, tweaks. How to create a g file in bf4 to load settings on startup. After having reinstalled everything ive had to set battlefield 4 up again, so this video shows you how i setup my g file and in game. Oder goggel nach sowas wie battlefield 5 config tweaks. About adkgamers the adk multigaming community was founded in mid 2009.

Oct 04, 20 the consensus is bf4 runs better on windows 8 while using the 331. Section 11 use any game hackingalteringcheating software or tools. Fix for asian users unable to start battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 on. Star wars battlefronts launch was a surprisingly smooth one, free of a lot of problems that weve sadly come to expect from big pc ports, particularly those that. Well i have found some tweaks and applied them myself and found they work 100% for me. Gaming performance system optimization useful tweaks. Make a file name g and place it in your battlefield 1 folder, add the following lines. Download the registry needed for battlefield 4 and tweak it to suit your own computer.

The main problem with bf4 was stuttering and bad handling of cpu especially in windows 7. If you wish to apply any console command automatically at startup, create a new text file and rename it to g. Sometimes you can have few fps less but better latency. Program files x86 origin games battlefield 4 folder. Nov 26, 2016 battlefield 1 configuration on aging pc. Jan 17, 2014 given that the persons girlfriends laptop suffers even on below minimum settings which is what the user. Now just click the save button and your config file will be stored in the battlefield 1 folder. How to create a config file for battlefield 1 diary of dennis.

Though i will say im mildly impressed with it ill be happier if i see them made with the ability to work together with the added in graphics card. Battlefield v pc players performance guide page 6 battlefield. A lot of people in here never played battlefield 3 before so i thought of a short configurationsettings helpthread. Battlefield 4 tweak to improve fps and remove stutters by. Thank you regan it all depends on your hardware, one config varies from 1 system to the other. If everything is right, you should now have a file called g in the \origin games\battlefield 1 location. Edit the file using windows notepad or wordpad, entering each command on a separate line. I only run gpu tweakgpu oc, origin and kaspersky av. If you run windows 64bit, set bf4 to 64bit as well. Mar 31, 2014 a new battlefield 4 update for the pc has been released and the change log shows a large list of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements for amds mantle api. Hi ea, i am curious as to eas views on editing the user. Your fps should not go higher than 70 due to gametime.

For best performance yet best quality what it can handle no silly answers please. Hdd 7200rpm, 2tb toshiba hdd 7200rpm, windows 7 home premium 64bit service pack 1. Below is my g file, which has increase fps for myself, smooth play experience, along with making some changes to the in game video settings. This is my configuration to have more then 200 fps on bf1 this might not work for everybodys rig download user. Replace it by this g updated to work with the latest patch. Battlefield 4 pc console commands pc performance tweaks. A new battlefield 4 update for the pc is rolling out today, and it promises to fix a number of bugs, including kill camera jittering and soldiers firing in the wrong direction when turning. Oct 14, 20 these are some tweaks of battlefield 3 elements that we see in the bf4 beta in its current form. Sep 05, 2016 this is my configuration to have more then 200 fps on bf1 this might not work for everybodys rig download user.

Its fully upgraded, in that any additional hardware would require replacing the motherboard, and all existing components are in the mid to upperrange of a moderate not highend pc. Bf4 i have multiple fixes that make the game 90% improved. Nov 18, 2015 star wars battlefronts launch was a surprisingly smooth one, free of a lot of problems that weve sadly come to expect from big pc ports, particularly those that are predominantly online games. Click save as and name the file as g under all files in the battlefield 1 directory you should be able to find different console commands to use and change the cfg file according to your. Or in windows 7, go to start all programs accessories notepad. Bf1 performance tips for pc potentially huge fps gains. Dont argue just try it and compare, this shouldnt help with the game crashing but damn will your game be hella smoother. It doesnt have any negative impact of having 200 other than that, same cfg most ppl have me included, except i have 200 limit. This file isnt created by default, so youll need to follow the steps below to add it. Nov 04, 20 after that, the file name should be called g and in the save as type you should choose all files. You need to tweak bit more settings and dig in registry to do that.

Amd crimson drivers ruined bf4 play on windows 10 community. Adk was created as a fun, laid back gaming environment to give gamers for any game a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world. Battlefield 4 players have reported various issues on windows 10, such. If that doesnt work, you will have to copy g to your system directory. Nov 22, 20 fortunately, with the level of freedom we have with frostbite engine, we can use some tweaks to get optimal fps. Fortunately you can create a configuration file to be loaded automatically when you start bf4. Oct 20, 2016 click save as and name the file as user. Dec 11, 2015 amd crimson drivers ruined bf4 play on windows 10. In windows 7 or 8, click the start button and then click inside the search box. First, you need to create a g in your battlefield 4 main installation directory.

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