Porsche 911 manual vs pdk

Porsche doppelkupplung pdk 7speed pdk, featuring both a manual and an automatic mode, is available as an option and offers extremely fast gear changes with no interruption in the flow of power. When it comes to high performing sports coupes, porsche always manages its way to the top. Lets consider a porsche 911 gt3 manual to pdk comparison. You grew up driving with three pedals and enjoy using a manual shift. We go for a drive in the 2018 porsche 911 carrera t manual and pdk. Even porsche now claims that the automatic is faster than the manual on the new 991 911 carrera s. If you are buying a 911, please drive the manual before the. The 2020 porsche 992 manual transmission is finally here. Is a manual carrera the sweetest porsche 911 of all. If youre surprised theres an argument against the manual, you havent driven a pdk equipped porsche in recent years.

I have always enjoyed the experience of a true manual transmission, and refuse to get a slush box in any sporty vehicle. Despite my relative youth, when it comes to driving i like to think i fall firmly into the traditionalist category. I would point to the new 991 gt3 as a perfect example of how its the wave of the future, like it or not. On paper, comparing the dualclutch pdk transmission in a porsche 911 carrera to the 7speed manual gearbox in the carrera 4s is a bit. Porsche promised a manual transmission, but only made a pdk dualclutch automated gearbox. With apologies to you manualtransmission whisperers, i prefer porsches pdk. I love pdk, and theres a damn good reason why porsche is making it the only gearbox you can get in the 911 gt3 and turbo. Introduced in 1963, the porsche 911 is one of the most. As fantastic as the 911 gt3 is and it is, its pdk only. Tiptronic vs pdk vs manual future value ownership and. Search from 75 porsche 911 cars for sale, including a used 2009 porsche 911 carrera, a used 2009 porsche 911 carrera 4s, and a used 2009 porsche 911 carrera s. Has anyone had any experience of manual vs pdk on a porsche 718 my last 2 cars have been a focus rs manual heavy clutch. Top 10 cars with a 6speed manual 10 things to know about the 2021 ford mustang mache. But from an all out performance perspective, the pdk is the clear winner.

When i placed the order you could only have the pdk box however i notice you can now have a manual box. With porsche doppelkupplung pdk and launch control, the 911 carrera s sprints to 100 kmh in a mere 3. It is more involving for the driver to have a manual, no doubt about it. As i begin to look at purchasing a 911, ive begun to consider the pdk for two reasons. As crisp and involving as the porsche manual remains, pdk s ability to switch gears in 100 milliseconds means it has not only erased the manual s accelerative advantage, but surpassed it. Youtubes nick murrys most recent video is a comparison of a porsche 911 carrera equipped with pdk vs. The worlds first sevenspeed manual gearbox is an offshoot of the sevenspeed pdk dualclutch automatic introduced three years ago for. The first of its kind porsche 991 7speed manual transmission. It requires the operator to disengage the clutch, move the shift lever and reengage the clutch. Porsche has been honing manually operable automatics since the 1960s, and we look indepth at its three key efforts. At first, i was debating whether to go with a manual or pdk and i chose pdk because both me and wife can both enjoy driving the vehicle.

Porsches own test numbers show the regular 500hp gt3 with a sixspeed manual is 0. The porsche 991 7speed manual transmission may come as standard, but there is nothing standard about it. Pdk is a nurburgring soundtrack battle 2 porsche sets guinness word record title for towing heaviest passenger plane ever 3 sapphire blue 991. I know almost everyone opts for pdk these days, but honestly this new sevenspeed manual is so. This is the new porsche 911 carrera s, tested here with the worlds first manual sevenspeed gearbox. Initially, it came with a driver oriented, manual gearbox but. If youre surprised theres an argument against the manual, you havent driven a pdkequipped porsche in recent years. While the optional porsche doppelkupplung pdk transmission gets a lot of love from enthusiasts and the automotive press, the 7speed manual transmission is a revolutionary addition to a long history of exceptional standard transmissions. He compared pdk to a sevenspeed manual in the latest porsche 911 991. Pdk is an acronym for p orsche d oppel k upplungs getriebe strictly, porschedoppelkupplungsgetriebe, which translates to. These are the differences between a porsche 911 pdk and a. Take a closer look at the advantages of both the pdk dualclutch transmission and the manual transmission options in the porsche 911. If its for some other reason, probably manual, but only up to a point. Not to mention even faster acceleration performance and a reduction in fuel consumption over the manual transmission.

And porsche says that total weight of the 991 carrera s with pdk versus a comparably equipped 997 is about 88 lb. If the primary reason for the 911 is to use on track pdk. It just feels so natural that youll wonder why you considered pdk as an option. I bought my gts to learn to drive on track, so i went for the pdk, and im glad i did. Porsche 911 gt3 manual to pdk comparison ferdinand. The porsche 911 can be a bit of a confusing car to the casual enthusiast who has never considered themselves a fan of the brand.

Porsches manual transmission is the venerated, praised, and desired choice by many purists and enthusiasts around the world. The 2015 porsche 911 carrera gts will give buyers a bit of gt3 flavor, more power, but also the manual transmission that the gt3 cant. Pdk means no more missed gears, which is quite an achievement in the sevenspeed manual 991. The 2015 porsche 911 gts is almost the manualtrans gt3. Porsches manual 911 gt3 touring slower than pdk gt3, but. A history of porsches sportomatic, tiptronic, and pdk.

Every new model by porsche makes ones heart skip an extra beat, and if you have the money for it, you would consider selling your used car and going for the new porsche 911 gt3 is another artistic triumph by porsche. The worlds first sevenspeed manual gearbox is an offshoot of the sevenspeed pdk dualclutch automatic introduced three years ago for the 997series 911. Is a porsche 911 gt3 better with a stick shift or a pdk. The 2009 porsche 911 was the first to offer a pdk transmission option. When the current, 992generation, porsche 911 launched, it was missing something. A decently adept driver can do that in perhaps 50 milliseconds, or a bit less. So i think the manualshift 50th anniversary edition is going to hold its value as one of the last collector 911s before. Manual vs pdk gearbox we compare manual and pdk porsche 911s on track, and analyse the differences between the two. The new 991 and the turbos are so fast now that you cant keep up to pdk no matter how fast your hands and feet are. When first driving the vehicle with shift paddles i felt i was losing the taste of a real porsche and came with a little regret. Hi everyone,im considering investing in a 911 turbo most likely 997. And even though hes wearing a tshirt thats less than flattering toward drivers of pdk transmissions ill let you figure out what it says he does go on to list 6 reason pdk can be.

I have a 718 cayman pdk on order and have a few days to change the spec. Should you buy a 911 with pdk or a manual transmission. Pdk has solved all these issues and them some, which is why nearly 90% of current 911 buyers opt for this transmission option. Pdk vs true manual transmission porsche car forums. Downshifts, when you even need them, are smooth and seamless. The 2020 porsche 911 carrera s and 4s will be launched with a standard 8speed automatic dualclutch pdk gearbox, which is enhanced over its predecessors 7speed pdk. Porsche now says you should abandon the idea of a manual shift and embrace two pedals forever. Whilst i enjoy driving manual recreationally i find them tedious in traffic day to day car would be driven day to day plus for fun on weekends. See good deals, great deals and more on a 2009 porsche 911.

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